Akhil Opens Up on Rumors With Niharika

Akhil Akkineni has opened up on the rumors of his doing a film with Mega daughter Niharika Konidela.

It was earlier speculated that Akhil and Niharika will share screen space in the actor’s debut film. One of the fans, who was very excited for this combo, has asked Akhil about the same when the Akkineni scion has recently attended a talk show, and the actor revealed the source of the rumors.

Akhil revealed that he and Niharika had actually done a short film together. Rajamouli’s son SS Karthikeya directed it. As per Akhil’s claims, the short film was filmed for a long period, it had about 120 members as crew, and it even went over-budget. ‘People may have assumed that we were shooting a feature film, and hence the rumors surfaced,’ revealed Akhil.

The actor confessed that the short film hasn’t come out well, which is probably the reason why it hasn’t been released yet, and may never be released.

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