AP9fm – Live Digital Radio That is Rocking The Party!!

AP9fm – Live Digital Radio That is Rocking The Party!!
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First of its kind live digital radio from Andhra Pradesh that is making the right noise, AP9fm is headed for bigger things ahead. The radio station that has been founded by a group of young entertainment enthusiasts is slowly picking up euphoria in the state as well as Telugu communities all over the world!!

For starters, AP9fm is an online radio platform that has been founded to enhance the quality of radio listening of the Telugu audience. The station comes up with innovative program concepts and shows that cater to a wide variety of genres. The station also plays other languages, entertaining radio listeners round the globe.

AP9fm’s mission is quite simple – to provide trusted source of information,music & entertainment for curious & thoughtful people in efficient sustainable ways.

The idea sprang from emotions

AP9FM has been founded for Telugu people, people who are far away from home, who love music, and who want to reconnect with memories of home via authentic music. An online platform becomes an excellent idea for those who can access the station from practically anywhere where there is internet.

Playing a mix and throwing in some funk

AP9FM plays all kinds of music from Tollywood. Most of the Telugu folks who live abroad are crazy for a wide range of film favorites. The station plays songs through and through, enthralling the listeners and maintaining the home connect.

Innovative Concepts and Shows

The live digital radio has interesting shows which come with concepts amd themes for all. Right from The Morning Crew show where you get all the updates or the Night Out Show where you get to demand your songs to get played on the air, and this makes AP9FM a better place to hangout !!

Show Timings

Shows on AP9FM has been mainly designed in such a way to offer full entertainment for the listener.

8:00-10:00Am – Lazy Crazy Morning
10:00-1:00Pm – Madness With Music
1:00-4:00Pm – Ladies Express
4:00-6:00Pm – Back To Back Songs
6:00-7:30Pm – Premam 360
7:30-10:00Pm – Jamba Lakkadi Pamba

Mobile App Makes It Even better

Listening to your Favourite Music On The GO is really amazing, and AP9fm allows that to happen with an app. The users can download AP9FM App from play store and enjoy their flavour of music.

AP9FM can Now be heard on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Devices by Downloading Tunein Radio App and Search for AP9FM


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