Beetroot halwa

Ingredients : Beetroot Thurum: 3 cups, Bamboyarvava: Thiruppakappuva, ​​Water: One and a half cups, ghee: 4 tablespoons, sugar: two cups, ghee: 4 tablespoons, cashew nuts: 2 tablespoons, raisins: 2 teaspoons, almonds: ten, yarl

Making the beetroot * Take the beetroot thinamali. Pane Tablespoon ghee and boilaivavava and take about five minutes to get rid of. In the same pan, add one teaspoon of garlic paste and almond oil and cashew nuts. Then add the raisins and put it all together. Now in the same bowl, ghee and beetroot should be cooked on medium flame for about ten minutes until it is halved. Now add fried bambiaravava and mix well. Add water and sugar and mix it together. Now lid and cook on medium flame until cooked. Then add the yakars, roasted cashew nuts, almonds and raisers.

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