Bombay Halva

Ingredients : Bamboova: cup, sugar: gauze, ghee: one and a half cups, citric acid: powdespepe, almonds: akal (soaked and peeled slices), pistachio: tawkup, yakarpadai: bantis, saffron

Make the procedure :* bombayiravvanu soaked three hours. * Do not slip into the hands of the wavy hands and carefully wash it three times. When the water rises up, remove them again and pour the mixture into a mixture and mix it with water. *

Gently rub the cup in a thick pan and warm again. Now add the soft rubbed straw and mix it slowly. Now add it to the stove and cook it. Add the remaining ghee to a little while stirring it. Cook the mixture and add the sugar and cook again. Now, when it comes to ghee on the margins, stove off and add citric acid, mix well together and mix the pistachi and almonds. Now the mixture into the ghee written with ghee is cut and cut into thin slices.

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