Chakkera Pongali Preparation

Something for: Rice – turmeric powder, turmeric powder, dried coconut powder, cashew nuts – cashew nuts, krimis – fifteen, jaggery – shaft, sugar – turmeric, cardamom – four, green carrots – pinch, ghee – awning.

The pan is to be put on the oven and fry. Take the dirty sweets. In the same pan, two teaspoons of ghee can be diluted with cashew nuts, krimis and coconut pieces separately. Rice cooked with cooked rice and two cups of water and put on the stove. After three cakes come, let’s go. Take a jaggery, jaggery, sugar, and water and put it on the oven. Both of these should be dissolved and then tilted. Place this lunch and put it on the stove and put it on the stove again. It should be pre-fried coconuts, cashew nuts, krimis, yakala powder, jaggery and ghee. When the inflammation reduces, the germinates upwardly over the middle. Then let’s go.

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