Cyber crime cell for ransomware cases soon

Cyber criminals lock consumers’ devices and interest payoff to send a code to “unlock” them and access information

The city which has the qualification of being a software hub and has a significant chunk of IT professionals, may soon need to build up a Cyber Crime Cell to only handle instances of ransomware cases.

The term ransomware in the IT space refers to cyber criminals locking consumers’ devices – from desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and more recently, wearables paired with smartphones, using unbreakable encryption on users’ files. The criminals then demand ransom to send a code to the user to ‘unlock’ his own device and access his own data.

Partner Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crimes) here, K.C.S. Raghuvir said similarly as ransomware was concerned, individuals were reluctant to whine and uneasy as it included discussing individual information – be it cherished family photographs, government forms and saving money records or even their surfing explicit destinations, he said.

However, the police officer said that with cyber crimes in general on the rise and what with cases of ransomware infection cropping up in Hyderabad, he was sure a separate cell would be needed to tackle the problem. At an interaction organised by Symantec, its Country Manager Ritesh Chopra said while ransomware cases across the world were pegged at about 1.2 lakh in 2014-15, the past 12 months had seen it achieve new levels of maturity and menace.

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