Get Back Your Flat Tummy With These 5 Amazing Workouts

Get Back Your Flat Tummy With These 5 Amazing Workouts
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One of the major problems that most people face with growing age is a protruding tummy. This is one thing that can mar your looks. No wonder, people all around the world work out rigorously to ensure that they have a flat tummy.

If you thought that you need to get a tummy tuck, think again. Here are some easy workouts which when practiced regularly can help you have firm abs within no time.

Ab Twister and Cruncher

This exercise not only trims your abdominal muscles but also helps you to lose those unwanted inches from your waist region.

  • Lie down on your back
  • Tuck your hands at the back of your neck
  • Raise your right knee
  • Now as you exhale, raise your body and twist such that your left elbow touches your right knee
  • Go back to the original position while inhaling deeply
  • Repeat the same steps with your left knee and right elbow
  • Do this for about 30 seconds everyday

Plank Exercise

  • Lie down on a yoga mat, face down
  • Place your palms and toes firmly on the ground and raise your body
  • Hold this position for about 30 seconds and try to pull in your abdominal muscles. Make sure to breathe deeply

Diagonal Pikes

  • Lie on your back with your legs straight
  • Shift your hips a bit such that your legs are placed diagonally towards the left from your body
  • Tuck your left hand behind your neck and extend your right hand straight to the side with the palm facing down
  • Holding the legs diagonally, slowly raise them from the ground
  • Try to hold this position for as long as you can and then slowly lower the legs
  • Repeat this exercise on the other side too
  • Doing a set of 30 to 40 repetitions will ensure trim tummy within a few weeks

Table Top Tummy Crunch

  • Lie down on your back with your hands by your side and palms facing downwards
  • Raise your legs slowly and then bend them at the knees to create a table top look
  • Slowly raise your hands, head, neck and back off the floor and bend towards your tummy till you start feeling the strain in the abdominal muscles
  • Move your arms up and down
  • Pull in your tummy muscles and try holding this position for as long as you can
  • Holding the posture for 50 seconds would be great

Spinal Twist

  • Sit down cross legged and keep your back straight
  • Take your right hand back and place it next to your hip
  • Place your left hand on your right knee and try to look over your shoulder by twisting your spine
  • Take a deep breath while doing this
  • As you exhale, go back to your original position
  • Now repeat these steps on the other side
  • Do this for at least 30 seconds on either side

Doing these exercises regularly can help you to lose flab from your tummy and waist. However, make sure that you also consume a low calorie diet to speed up the fat burning, tummy trimming process.


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