Gondura shrimp mixed with …

Something for: mesta – black, shrimp – rendukappulu, flour medical – black, oil – veyincenduku enough, green – two, onion lump – pavukappu, salt – enough, powder – half spoon, garlic pods – four, cumin, mustard – aracenca each Ginger paste – spoon.

Preparation: Place the oil in a pan and put on the oven. It should be thoroughly washed and thoroughly washed. Clean the shrimp and add them to the ginger powder, a little chili powder. Add a few more oils in the frying pan and fry the prawns. Soon they become soft. Then let’s go. In another pan, heat two tablespoons of oil and garlic sprays, jalakara, mustard, curry leaves, and onion mudda. Fry the ghee in the onion paste and pour gonggura. After that, the sheet water, enough to sprinkle it, reduce the inflammation and reduce inflammation. Gongora is full of mangoes and it is necessary to put the roasted waist and five minutes before it becomes ready.

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