India and China, HIV infections are spreading

The United Nations council has shown interest in HIV infection. In other 10 countries, including India and China, HIV infections are spreading. The information was disclosed by an analysis of the programs taking place around the world to eliminate AIDS worldwide.

In the countries where the United Nations has emerged, India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. HIV is the most common disease in these countries. The United Nations said 95 per cent of the HIV-infected sufferers worldwide were from these 10 countries.

India and China, HIV infections are spreading

Drugs with injections, sexual intercourse with transgenders, said the United Nations. The number of HIV infections has declined by 13 percent worldwide in the last six years. “In a survey of 26 cities in India, 46 per cent of the drugs were injected into the HIV infection,” it said. The death toll of AIDS victims has also decreased compared to last year.

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