KTR, Digvijay War on Twitter

IT and Panchayat Raj Minister KT Ramarao has given a befitting reply to former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and congress senior leader Digvijay Singh.

“Huge Drug Scam in Telangana. Influential friends of TRS heir apparent involved. Let’s see if they would be saved or prosecuted. Let’s see,” Digvijay tweeted. Responding to Digvijay’s tweet, KTR shot back, “You’ve completely lost it sir. Time to retire gracefully & do something worth your age. Glad that you’ve finally learnt to spell ‘Telangana’.”

Now this tweet war between KTR and Digvijay Singh is snowballing into major controversy between TRS and Congress. This is not first time, Digvijay has made such comments against Telangana government. Earlier Digvijay had took potshots against Telanagana police and had received huge flak from TRS leaders for his comments.

KTR never minces his words when TRS or Telangana is at the receiving end. But the way this time he had lashed out at a senior leader like Digvijay is becoming the hot debate.

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