senaga pindi : 2 cups, elachi powder: little, ghee: cup, cooking soda: bananas, sugar: cup and oil
Making process
Pour oil in the pan. In the bowl mix the boiling water, water, and cooking sauce. If you like the dough, you can add a little milk. Add a spoon of ghee until it is cooked in boiling oil in a pre-cooked oil and roll it on both sides and fry for two minutes. Cinnamon should be soft but should not be cut until crisp. Similarly, the dough has to be scrubbed and strapped in hand and put in a mixed powder. If the bulbs are too soft, the dough should be drained and put in a mixture again. Add the sugar in a pan on the stove and add a cup of lemon and temple powder. Now add the flour and the flour into the cinnamon. Ludwig is so tasteless when it mixes. After a little bit thick lay until ghee is cooked and cooked until it becomes dry until it becomes dry,

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