Madatha kaja sweet Preparation

Meadow – cup, butter – two tablespoons of milk – two tablespoons of salt – pinch, oil – to boil, water – to add flour. For filling: Rice – Two tablespoons, ghee – two tablespoons of pistachio, almond powder – two tablespoons, sugar – cup, water – awning, yak powder – spoon.

First take the sugar syrup. Take chickera and water into a bowl and put it on the oven. Add sugar and mix the yakras and reduce inflammation. It should be dried up when the cord is coming. Now add salt to the ground and mix it with vanilla, milk, salt and mix well. After five minutes, I need to add chapati pandipindi and water for five minutes. Meanwhile filling should be made. Rice powder and pistachi powder into the bowl and mix it all together. Bring the flour a little and bring it to the shampoo. Rip the rice flour on it and roll over chapati. It should be very slowly cut into diamond. Make the same flour the same. Add two drops of oil into the oil and take it red. The cashew nuts must be cooked in hot sugar and sugar. They need to be deducted from the papers.

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