Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips

Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips
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When you think of traditional Indian wear for women, the first image that pops into your mind is that of a saree. Thanks to diverse cultural differences, India has a rich selection of intricately handcrafted sarees. From Banarasi to Chikankari, Kota to Paithani, Pochampalli to Kancheepuram, you can find the six yard wonder in different forms.
Mangalagiri sarees are hugely popular among the Indian women. Crafted in a small town named Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh, these sarees are finely woven using traditional methods and have a rich look and feel to them.
Other than the finesse of the weave, the patterns on the sarees are also quite distinctive and are reminiscent of the rich Nawabi culture of the yore. All these when put together make these sarees extremely popular.
Modern women can embrace Mangalagiri and bring them back in style with these latest designs and styling tips.
There are two types of Mangalagiri sarees – Cotton and Silk.
Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees
manga-cotton Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips
Mangalagiri cotton sarees are woven out of soft and durable cotton fabric, making them a perfect choice for all types of weathers. Traditional Mangalagiri cotton sarees were plain sarees with a Nizam border. However, with the change in the fashion scene and preferences, Mangalagiri cotton sarees are designed in a single shade with a different colored border or pattern. There are a wide range of border designs and patterns to choose from.
Other than colored borders, you will also come across Mangalagiri cotton sarees with Zari borders that add a touch of grandiose to these hand woven six yard wonders.
These sarees have definitely undergone some changes to keep in sync with the changing tastes of women. You can now even find sarees in stripes that prominently feature across the pleats.
Owing to their traditional weave and chic look, these sarees are a hot favorite among the office going women who want to look their ethnic best at work. These are perfect to be worn to meetings or business gatherings.
Styling Tips for Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees
manga1 Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips
1. Mangalagiri Cotton with Stripes: With this saree, wear a solid colored blouse that is the same shade as the most prominent stripes on the saree. A matching choker and dangling ear rings would complete the look.
2. Mangalagiri Cotton with Gold Zari Border: Pairing this saree with a golden blouse will accentuate the beauty of the saree. A simple gold chain around the neck and matching bangles and ear rings would give you that million dollar look.
3. Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees with Nawabi Patterns: These sarees are best teamed with halter neck blouses that are the same color as that of the saree. Of course, you can also choose a color that is identical to that of the patterns. Match these with broad colored bangles and ear studs.
Mangalagiri Silk Sarees
manga-silk-sarees Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips
Woven using high quality silk threads, Mangalagiri silk sarees look rich and traditional, thus making them a best choice for weddings, festivals and religious occasions. These are mainly designed in vibrant shades of green, red, pink, mustard and blue. Most of these sarees have a thick border with fine Zari work which gives these a magnificent appeal. The Pallus are heavily made up with either traditional motifs or colorful stripes that are interwoven with thick golden threads.
These sarees are loved and treasured by women of all ages and tastes. Owing to their fine weaving and classy good looks, modern women can pick Mangalagiri for both work as well as traditional dos.
Styling Tips for Mangalagiri Silk Sarees
manga-silk Mangalagiri Sarees – Evolving Patterns and Styling Tips
1. Mangalagiri Silk Sarees with Thick Zari Border and Stripes on Pallu: These sarees are best paired with golden blouse as this would accentuate the color of the saree. A gold necklace with a statement pendant and matching ear rings would be perfect to go with it. Wear colored glass bangles and gold kangans on the hand to complete the look.
2. Mangalagiri Silk Sarees with Motifs on the Pallu and the Borders: These sarees look quite elegant what with motifs woven into the zari. Teaming these sarees with a blouse that is the same color as the motif would make for a perfect balance of colors. Traditional umbrella ear rings and a matching choker necklace would add to your looks and make heads turn.
Modern Variations of Mangalagiri Sarees
Owing to the widespread demand of these sarees, people have in fact come up with some other variations of the traditional Mangalagiri sarees by mixing various fabrics. Thus, other than the conventional cotton and silk sarees, you can also find these in silk cotton, poly cotton etc. Also thanks to the cross cultural invasion in the fashion arena, you will even come across Mangalagiri sarees with Kalamkari work that are perfect to be worn on any occasion.
Similarly, printed multicolored Mangalagiri sarees also look quite good and make for perfect office wear.
Mangalagiri sarees are reminiscent of the rich, traditional era gone by. Their intricate weaving, spectacular design and soft, durable material are the main reasons for their popularity even in these modern times. These six yards of wonder that originate from the small town of Mangalagiri can make their wearer look ethnic and traditional


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