Six startups revolutionizing the technology in agriculture

Enormous effort from the governments and the people’s inclination towards producing the value added agro products has given rise to the technological innovations in agriculture. There have been many startups opening up to invent new technologies in agriculture. According to a NASSCOM report, the Indian Government specifically supports AgriTech startups through its Startup India program. In 2016, more than 350 AgriTech startups raised $300 million in investment globally, out of which Indian investment accounted for 10 percent.

Here you will know six such startups that are going very well in this regard.


 It was founded in 2016, which is at its best in bringing the best practices of satellite image processing, big data capabilities, and IT to agriculture. This startup has mobile app platforms for delivering information on supply statistics of crops and crop stressing in their region. This helps with the decisions on what to sow, when to irrigate or add fertilizer, or prepare for harvest.


This startup is working on the microclimate forecast which is tailored to each farm location and is performed at a point scale instead at a kilometer wide spatial scale. According to the founder shailendra tiwari, startup collect more data, the AI-based microclimate forecasting algorithm incorporates real in field information and relates it to publicly available weather forecasts, so that farmers can benefit from real-time, actionable information relevant to day-to-day operations at the farm.


This startup connects you with the real – time synchronization of supply and demand. It is pegged at Agri 4.0; this startup turns around the fortunes of small farmers with the internet, AI, Shared services. Some of its solutions include real-time precision agriculture as a service to farmers.


It is an AgriTech startup leverages real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources across the country and is backed by AI-optimised automated pipelines to improve and increase the efficiency of the agricultural supply chain. The startup’s data-driven online agri-marketplace gives the best prices for both the producers and buyers at their fingertips. Some of its solutions include transaction discovery, procurement optimisation and optimising transportation with real-time data.


This startup provides a full suite of farm management, monitoring and analytics solutions. The company has developed an AI called SmartRisk. As per the company this application will be positioned along with the flagship smartfarm app, which currently assists over five million farmers toward farm management, crop cycle monitoring, and harvest and brings in produce traceability from farm to fork.

Intello labs:

This startup has developed computer vision based solutions that use images as key data for deriving insights and actionable recommendations. The two key agri products from Intello Labs are used for crop inspection and agricultural product grading. Both the products read images and give quality parameters based on the input data. The startup leverages emergent technologies — deep learning, AI and IoT to help farmers scale their business effectively.


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