What Happens When You Drink Green Tea?

Green tea has become tremendously popular now. It is said to burn fat, protect heart, slow down ageing and even prevent bad breath. Does it mean you can have as much tea as possible at any time of the day? No. If you do so, you may not be able to enjoy the health benefits of green tea.

There is a time to enjoy green tea. Consuming green tea at the wrong time may have certain side effects. Here are some things you need to know before adding green tea to your lifestyle.

Excessive Consumption One or two cups of green tea a day is okay. But anything more than that isn’t healthy as it could cause toxicity and could even affect your liver. Green tea contains antioxidants like flavonoids and tannins. So, enjoy it in moderation.

Can You Drink It On Empty Stomach?:- No. Though you may feel nice to start the day with energy that caffeine gives, green tea could affect your stomach when consumed without eating anything in the morning.

Can You Drink It After Lunch? :- No. Many people have the habit of drinking green tea soon after meals but it can actually affect the absorption of certain nutrients. Also, the digestive juices that are secreted after having lunch may get diluted. Maintain a gap of at least one hour after lunch.

Can You Drink It Midnight?:- No. That will hamper your sleep and can also stress you up making it difficult to fall asleep.

Can You Use Green Tea Bags?:- Boiling green tea leaves and straining it is a better option than using tea bags. Some brands don’t use healthy tea bags.

Is Green Tea Diuretic? :- Yes, it may cause urination and may dehydrate you. So, drink more water if you have the habit of drinking green tea.

Bottom Line:- Green tea has health benefits. But consume it in moderation. Drink only one or two cups a day. Drink it between 3pm and 5pm. Use good quality tea leaves and boil them.

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